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The First Thanksgiving (video)

RT; Xochitl, Dhr. Seven, Ashley WellsWisdom Quarterly; Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz; J.W. Loewen
Native American dreaming of the lost past after British and earlier European invasions.
(RT) The world's greatest genocide is hypocritically celebrated in the U.S. as "Thanksgiving"?

We didn't know! The U.S. lied to us!
Still want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Native American history -- that is, pre-American colonialism -- tells a far different story than the Lies My Teachers Told Me (everything your American history textbook got wrong).

Our American mis-education system is a cynical joke bent on distorting and covering up the truth at every turn. But as the Buddha taught that three things cannot remain hidden: the sun, the moon, and the TRUTH.

Lies My Teacher Told Me
Sadly, our mainstream media is a kind of "propaganda arm" for the U.S. government with its many tentacles and alphabet-agencies (e.g., CIA, NSA, NSC, FBI, ICE, DARPA, DHS, IRS...).

So we have to go outside of the country, to a Russian-sponsored news organization, to catch a glimpse of the truth our country keeps from us.

(Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)
Given that this happened, is it any wonder we fund "Israel" and promote genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine?

Hooray for our side! We're so much better than other people over there here in the "land of the free." *Eye roll* (RT).
Who discovered America? Afghan and Chinese Buddhist missionaries
While Jewish-Italian Catholic-convert Columbus did NOT discover America, he did invade and enslave a fully populated continent. Buddhists arrived earlier (E. P. Vining/
What could Native Americans have done to ward off murderous Christian enslavers, rapists, murderers, and disease-spreading Europeans coming to exploit another new land?
U.S./Israel's genocide today
Video backs claims of US-backed Israeli military ("defense forces") criminal abuses
"Criticism is NOT antisemitism."
Israeli "police" stand guard after they rammed a Palestinian demonstrator during clashes outside Ramallah. Recent video has shown Israeli troops shooting a Palestinian lying in the street at close range, pepper-spraying medics, chasing and ramming a Palestinian with their jeep, and threatening refugee camp residents with tear gas “until you die” unless they stop throwing stones. The flurry of such footage comes at a time when growing numbers of Palestinians for the first time have the tools to document such incidents; half of Palestinian households have at least one smart phone, or 10-fold what it was five years ago, according to official statistics (AP).

The Patriarchy Problem: sexual abuse (video)

Rebecca Solnit, Tarana Burke, Alicia Garza, Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez (; Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Comedian Al Franken pretends to grope Leeann Tweeden's flak jacket bothering her (DN)

I didn't do it!  I'm not the "patriarchy"!
(Now do you believe we have a patriarchy and live in a rape culture?) What about the ongoing stream of sexual harassment allegations by women against powerful men? What about what experts say is our pervasive culture of misogyny that enables sexual misconduct towards women? Let's ask author Rebecca Solnit.

Her recent article is headlined, “Let this flood of women’s stories never cease: On Fighting Foundational Misogyny One Story at a Time”:
There’s a problem with the way feminism moves forward in reaction to breaking news stories.

It brings focus to a single predator, a single incident, and people who haven’t faced the pervasiveness of misogyny can build stories around it about why this was the exception, not the rule.

Don't stare at my... My eyes are up here.
That Harvey Weinstein was typical of liberals or Hollywood, or Roy Moore and Bill O’Reilly were typical of conservatives [or DC], that this mass killer with a domestic violence background was typical of veterans or loners or was mentally ill, that case after case is a glitch in the pattern of society, not the pattern itself.
But these are the norms, not the abberations [aberrations?]. This is a society still permeated and shaped and limited by misogyny, among other afflictions. More

Are you staring at my ass, you stupid jerk?
AMY GOODMAN: ...Rebecca Solnit is a writer, historian, and activist. We’re going to continue to look at the torrent of women’s complaints around the issue of sexual abuse....

Author of a dozen books including, most recently, The Mother of All Questions. She is also contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine.... Can you respond to this last week’s -- which has clearly been a sea change in the United States -- and the significance of the number of women, scores of women who are joining this kind of Me Too campaign, stepping up and talking about their abuse? Women, and some men.
I wasn't looking. (Al "Grab Ass" Franken)
REBECCA SOLNIT: And there’s so many ways to go at what’s happening, which is, as you note, tremendous. I think one of the first things to note is people who haven’t been paying attention are now forced to recognize how absolutely pervasive this is and how systemic it is.

And you look at Weinstein or Charlie Rose and some of these other people and you see that entire systems around them were designed to accommodate their denigration, harassment, intimidation, silencing, devaluing, and sometimes assault on WOMAN.
  • What in the heaven is wrong with Solnit? Speech impediment, brain damage? She seems unable or unwilling to pronounce the plural word "women" (WYH-min) or distinguish it from the singular woman (woh-myn)? And no one ever says anything although she is interviewed frequently in the mainstream and alternative media. Get a clue, Solnit, or explain yourself if you're trying to make a ham handed statement.
Son, you're not going to treat girls like this? - Dad, you already treat them like this, right?
Y'know you love it, baby. - Yes, James Bond.
So that you can’t say, “Oh, it’s this bad guy.” It reminds me a little bit of the aftermath of Abu Ghraib [US prison torture of illegally detained Muslims] where the Bush Administration kept wanting us to believe it was a few bad apples.

And people like you on Democracy Now! were saying, no, it’s systemic. This too is systemic, which means that what we need to talk about isn’t just going after specific high profile perpetrators, but how do we change the system?

How to undermine the patriarchy, the misogyny [female hating], the lack of empathy, the culture that makes men feel powerful and awesome when they do this stuff?
It's not a patriarchy! It's a man's world!
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Rebecca Solnit, I’d like to ask you also, we have a situation here, as you are mentioning, the enablers, those who were complicit, who had knowledge of the abuse that was occurring, but said nothing, to what degree they have responsibility as well?

And also, a system where many of these companies, when women step forward and have the courage to step forward and file complaints, they get settlements and then always a nondisclosure agreement, that you can never disclose the result of the litigation in which you were involved. More

Keystone spills Dakoka pipeline oil!

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Amy Goodman (

To say we told you so would be futile. We told you, the whole world told you, DAPL promoters. It's as if you wanted this to happen and knew that it would based on your track record . So this can come as no surprise. But now the land is fouled and, as was foretold, the "black snake" is ruining the waters and land and animals. Thanks, Wells Fargo Bank who financed the deal. Thanks, Trump, who rammed it through to be pro-business and anti-environment.
There has been a major oil leak from the Keystone 1 pipeline in South Dakota. The pipeline’s operator, TransCanada, says 210,000 gallons [possibly a gross understatement by the company responsible for the environmental catastrophe] of oil leaked on Thursday [Nov. 16, 2017] near the town of Amherst.

It is the largest Keystone spill to date. The leak comes just days before authorities in Nebraska are scheduled to make a key ruling that could decide the fate of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Environmental and indigenous  [Native American] groups have long warned about the dangers of pipeline leaks. Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network:
Tom Goldtooth: “We just caught wind yesterday of the Keystone XL 1 spill. It’s something that we’ve been saying all along, as Native, as indigenous peoples, that every pipeline is going to spill, is going to leak.” More

    Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    Travel to see life on other planets (video)

    Ac Mahaviirananda (Tantric Guru); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; TheMisterySpot (video)
    There are many inhabited worlds even in our own solar system and our milky galaxy.

    These are the 13 known extraterrestrial races living on Earth
    Wait. There's life on other planets? How can we know that? We can use science and unreliable eyewitnesses. But NASA is not saying a word, at least no officially.

    Recently, in India there arose a guru who considered himself an avatar of Shiva and Krishna, a modern incarnation of benevolence out to help humankind.

    His name was Shri Shri Anandamurti ("Holy Holy Bliss Embodiment," born Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar) and he began a devotional moral religion of yoga, meditation, and social service called Ananda Marga ("Path of Bliss,"

    Baba: Shri Shri Anandamurti (PK Sarkar)
    The Margis called him "Baba," a loving title with different definitions in different languages and regions of India but generally understood as "Father." He was becoming very famous, performing miracles of a type usually attributed to Jesus of Nazareth (who spent his "lost years" training in India according to written records found by Westerner Nicolas Notovitch).

    His followers organized meetings, darshana (viewing the guru, vision of the divine), where he would give a talk and a demonstration of magic -- miracles, yogic marvels, healings, and explanations about the world.

    Baba had many good things to say about the Buddha and seemed to be on a similar mission though Baba is little regarded today by most of the world. They were born on the same day (millennia apart), and Baba lived in the state where the Buddha reached enlightenment and spread the Dharma...
    Here is one astounding incident relating to life on other planets as recounted by Acarya ["teacher"] Mahaviirananda Avadhuta (an "apostle" or "direct disciple") in the fascinating book The Tantric Guru: Enchanting Stories of His Life (2nd ed., 2011, Ananda Marga Publications, Ananda Nagar, India).
    A Demonstration of Death (pp.43-44)

    When the Ananda Marga mission began, Baba used to give general darshana (viewing the teacher) in Jamalpur (Bihar, India) every Sunday. Margis would attend from different places, and some would stay at the Jamalpur jagrti (mission house).
    On November 21, 1954, the darshana room was full of sadhakas (devotees). Baba requested a devotee, "Come here, sit in lotus posture, and close your eyes..." The devotee did as he was asked.

    The body moves by vital airs with energy centers.
    Then Baba said, "I order your apana vayu [vital "air," spiritus, "holy spirit," life force energy, chi, prana responsible for elimination] to cross samana vayu ["vital air" responsible for digestion, metabolism, heat regulation]; now to to prana vayu [responsible for beating heart and breathing and moving energy to every cell of the body]." The devotee started breathing heavily. Next Baba said, "Prana vayu, merge with udana vayu ["air" responsible for speech]."

    The the devotee made strange sounds and fell to the ground. Baba asked a doctor who was sitting there, "Is there life in him?" The doctor replied, "No, Baba."

    Baba explained, "There is still life in his body. A person will die only when the prana vayu leaves the body."

    He asked everyone present, "Do not tell him what I have done in this demonstration. Some of you, massage his body."

    Then Baba left the hall and went into another room. Half an hour later, Baba returned and called everyone into the room. Everyone was wondering what He would do next.

    With His right toe, Baba touched the sahasrara chakra of the devotee on whom He had earlier performed the demonstration. The devotee opened his eyes and Baba asked him, "Who are you?"
    He replied, "I am Shyama Charan Lahiri [the name of a great yogi who passed away in 1895, a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji made famous by Paramahansa Yogananda in his spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi].

    Baba asked, "Why have you come here?"

    He replied, "You gave me an order to come and save the body [of this man]."

    Life on other planets?
    Ananda Marga devotees engage in devotional practices, yoga, meditation, social service.
    There is a lot of ancient archeology on wet Mars today, like this statue of a female.

    Baba said, "Now that you have come, you can do a little more work. Just now, go to the planet Mars and see if there is life there."

    Then the videhi mind [let us say the "projected astral body"] of Lahiri went to Mars and said, "There is no life there [at least not visibly on the surface]."

    Then Baba asked, "What is there, then?"

    Lahiri replied, "There is only water, and in some places there is land that is muddy because of the water."

    Baba then instructed him, "Now you can go to the moon and tell us what is there."

    He said, "There is a vast desert and mountains."

    Baba asked him, "Is there any life?"

    He replied, "There is no life [at least not on the surface]. There is a lack of oxygen on the moon, but there are gold mines."

    After that, Baba told him, "Now go to Venus."

    Lahiri said, "There are human beings there who are reddish in color [like Ancient Egyptians?] and are more developed than the human beings on Earth."

    Baba told him, "Return to Earth and go to the USA, Russia, Tibet, and the Himalayas, and tell everyone what you see there."

    After that Baba thanked the videhi mind of Lahiri and told it to leave the devotee's body.

    The devotee then appeared to be dead again. Baba knew that all of the devotees in the room were upset by this, so He gave the order, "Wherever the sadhaka's videhi mind is in this cosmos, it must come to Earth, to India, to Bihar, to Jamalpur, and right tothis place."

    Then Baba ordered all of the devotee's vayus to function properly, and after a while he opened his eyes.

    Baba asked him, "Why do you feel dull?"

    He replied, "Baba, I got up a little late this morning. That's why."

    Baba told him, "Do not take dinner tonight; just drink some warm [liquid] just before you sleep."

    The next day the same Margi was with Baba again. Baba scolded and punished him because he got married without informing Baba, even though in the past Baba had told him not to do this.

    His life was destined [by karmic force not by chance "fate"] to be short and that is why Baba called him to Jamalpur and used him to demonstrate the process of death. This demonstration exhausted his samskaras for a short life, and Baba then revived him and extend his life. [The end]

    Is there life on other planets?
    In another story (p. 60), Baba stares at space and explains that the "ideology" (Teachings of Ananda Marga, the Good Word) have already been spread to 49 other worlds in space, but there are countless more to go. Baba sent 40 "apostles" (avadhutas) out into the world(s). He will go there to teach until many more worlds hear the "Timeless Teachings" (Sanatana dharma, "Eternal Truth") established there again, an aspiration very similar to Buddhism and, one imagines, any universal doctrine or missionary tradition.

    A very vegan Thanksgiving, Los Angeles (video)

    Amber Larson, CC Liu (FB), Wisdom Quarterly; Dave Rubin; eUSAToday; WUTC; In' Empire

    Compassionate vegans on the West Coast
    Did you know about Los Angeles' LONGEST RUNNING Thanksgiving Day VEGAN tradition? It's a two-decade long vegan potluck. It is promoted by many outlets and always has hundreds of happy, hungry attendees. Invite your friends and family.

    Even vegetarians and non-vegans are welcome and encouraged to attend. It's LA's biggest vegan potluck event of the year. Help plan it (email: Come share delicious food, desserts, drinks and connect with beautiful people. Enjoy the outdoor environment. There will be music, live performances, and an open mic. Feel free to bring drums, musical instruments, a Frisbee, or ball... More
    Can you believe we get to meet Trump? - Yeah, I just wish the others were here (EUSA)
    Public event. Free/no fee, but please see details below to know what to bring to participate. No alcohol (park rules). 

    Everyone attending, please bring a VEGAN ready-to-serve dish to share that will serve at least 8-10 people. Prepare it or buy it at Whole Foods. For example, if there are two people in your party, please bring 16-20 servings. What does "vegan" mean? It means animal-free -- no meat, fish, eggs, milk, dairy, or honey -- no animal products at all.
    Organic, chemical-free, non-GMO foods are encouraged. Cooked or raw vegan food is welcome. There will be a space designated for raw food. Please be conscientious about your dish seeing that every ingredient is 100% vegan. If raw, make sure (pasteurized foods, commercially canned, and most jarred food are not raw).

    What if turkeys rose up and did not tolerate being raised for slaughter then murdered?
    Please bring an INGREDIENT LIST to help those with allergies. Prevent paper and plastic waste: please bring your own utensils, plates, bowls, cups, fork/spoon, and serving utensils.

    WHEN: Gather at 11:00 AM for a beautiful opening circle at noon then we feast!

    WHERE: Rancho Park
    MAP, Culver City, Los Angeles (westside). Enter Cheviot Hills Park (aka Rancho Park) at the north entrance on Motor Ave. (first entrance south of Pico Blvd.) Enter parking area on the left. Drive past this parking area and follow the road to the next parking area, which is a few hundred feet down. Walk to the picnic tables across the grass and behind the baseball field. "VEG" signs will be posted to point the way.  (There is another picnic area at the far end and close to the parking lot that is not our picnic area).

    Trump pardons turkeys then eat red meat
    We were told we'd be spared slaughter and set free by an orange man. True or a joke?

      Selfie before the slaughter? - Pardon us.
      Two white Minnesota-raised turkeys visited the White House for the annual white turkey pardoning ceremony by white Pres. Trump. Now that they won't be slaughtered (because "Meat is murder") they get to have names, Wishbone and Drumstick. 
      Hold it in! If you poop here, they may kill us.
      The duo’s names were announced Monday at the Willard Hotel, the lavish property where the birds currently have a suite, which is located just a block down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. Why all the hubbub over some "dumb" birds? It makes it easier to kill the rest of them, neither seen nor heard and certainly without names.

      This joyous event makes it possible to look at ourselves in the best possible light as forgiving and magnanimous when we raise hundreds of millions of birds for slaughter just for this one day -- to say nothing of the countless cows, chickens, pigs, and fish that are destroyed with half of them going to complete waste ending up as trash not food.

      And here we thought the Brahmin Hindus of Nepal were brutal for promoting the mass slaughter of animals at the gruesome (and surely demon-inspired) Gadhimai festival.

      The unbelievable demon fest worshiping or appeasing Gadhimai: 250,000 animals slaughtered in one place as quickly as possible, over a day or two. Buddha Boy, Wisdom Quarterly, and activists stood against it. Now banned but still going on underground as in the US.
      White turkey pecks a white D--- (Bush)
      Chairman Carl Wittenburg of the National Turkey Foundation, who raised the birds, said Wishbone and Drumstick were selected from a flock of 80 for "their character, their temperament, their showmanship, and how they looked strutting their stuff."

      [And the fact that they're ostentatiously white is a complete coincidence with no bearing on their pardon. All of the rest of the birds, some of whom are also white, will be slaughtered]. More

      Monday, November 20, 2017

      Charles Manson released from prison (video)

      Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Paul Levy (Reality Sandwich); KFI; AP; Watch Mojo (WM); Iggy Pop

      I may only stand 5'1" but I scared your asses for half a century. That's for putting me in an orphanage then molesting and abusing me then throwing me in jail and again abusing me. Sorry I ruined the hippie movement. Who's Who in Manson's Life?
      In the song "Five Foot One" (5'1"), is Iggy Pop referring to egomaniacal, charismatic cult leader Charles Manson? Charlie was "released" from prison on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017.

      We had always heard -- thanks in part to singer Marilyn Manson -- that little men develop big needs to prove something, Napoleon, Hitler, that little guy. We doubt that explains 5'1" Manson.

      Here's a better explanation for the racist murderer -- the wetiko -- who did his killings by proxy with the hopes of kickstarting a "race war" so that he could roll in and play the role of Hitler II. 
      Understanding a psychopath
      Gay white supremacist Charles Manson (RIP)
      (Reality Sandwich) In the book Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism, Native American author Prof. Jack D. Forbes lucidly explores a psychological disease that afflicts the wetiko (wendigo, English wacko). It is a self-destructive human behavior that Native Americans have known about for years.

      Genocidal Columbus was a wetiko.
      The book makes it clear that they are describing the same psycho-spiritual disease of the soul written about in the book, The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis (by Paul Levy).

      From the dawn of human history, our species has fallen prey to a "collective psychosis" that can be called malignant ego-phrenia. Speaking about this psychic epidemic, Prof. Forbes writes:

      "For several thousands of years human beings have suffered from a plague, a disease worse than leprosy, a sickness worse than malaria, a malady much more terrible than smallpox." What is it? "Wetiko," a Cree term that refers to a diabolically wicked person or spirit who terrorizes others.

      Prof. Forbes, who was one of the founders of the American Indian Movement in the early sixties, says, "Tragically, the history of the world for the past 2,000 years is, in great part, the story of the epidemiology of the wetiko disease."

      Wetiko is a "psychosis" in the original sense of the word, psycho (from psyche, "soul"). This condition is a "sickness of the soul or spirit." Prof. Forbes is calling the illness of the ego, psyche, soul, and spirit the root of humanity's inhumanity to itself. As if performing a magic ritual, in exploring the entity of wetiko... More

      Alien spiritual intrusion
      Greetings. I am a wetiko. Read my Bible.
      Speaking in his own language about the predation of the wetiko virus, the spiritual teacher Don Juan, of the Carlos Castaneda books, mentions that the ancient shamans called this "the topic of topics."

      Don Juan explains: "We have a companion for life… We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master."

      Don Juan: Yaqui Way of Knowledge
      This sounds just like the state of affairs being pointed at in the Bible when, for example, the Gospel of John refers to the devil [Mara or any other very malevolent being such as Satan, Columbus, Pres. Bush, maybe Trump] as "the ruler of this world" (14:30; 16:11), and Paul speaks of [the devil] as "the god of this world" (Cor. 4:4).

      The Gnostic Gospel of Phillip, talking about the root of evil that lies within all of us, makes the similar point that unless this evil is recognized, "It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive" (II, 3, 83.5-30).

      Speaking of the predator, Don Juan continues: "It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so."

      It is striking how Don Juan's description of the effects of these wetiko-predators is being enacted in our increasingly militarized society, as our freedoms and liberties are taken away step by step [like the announcement today that your driver's license won't be any good for boarding planes in two years, so you need to go prove who you are to get the proper papers/documents to travel].

      Wetiko/yaksha Mara bothers, obstructs Siddhartha
      It is as if an inner, invisible state of affairs existing as a yet unrealized archetypal pattern deep within the soul of humanity is revealing itself by materializing in, as, and through the outside world.
      To quote Don Juan, "Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico."

      Don Juan is referring to an "energetic fact" that most of us can probably relate to, that is to say, that "something" is within us that stops us from expressing our true creative genius and attaining our full potential.

      I killed some people, too, not just old Charlie.
      These predators are "time-bandits," consuming the precious hours of our lives, as if we are wage-slaves on a prison-planet "doing time." Deepening his description of these predators, Don Juan elaborates: "They took over because we are food for them… we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros."

      The wetiko virus particularly flourishes in overpopulated cities, where people are "coop-ed up." When we buy into group-think and are enlisted as a member of the herd, we become like sheep that are being led over the edge of a cliff or cattle that are being led to be slaughtered. More