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Becoming a Mother (Natureal Mom)

Mother-making needs nurturing support (Nirrimi Firebrace/

TCM and "Qi" (
For women to feel good about our births, we need to own our births by being prepared, well-informed, and making sure we have the right kind of support.

Although there is much about the labor and birthing process that we cannot predict or control, we can empower ourselves.

Better Breastfeeding (Nirrimi Firebrace)
We can choose baby and mother-friendly care providers and hospitals/birth centers, knowing our options, being an active part of the decision-making process, and trusting in our ability to birth -- all of which will enable us to become more confident and nurturing mothers.
“Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers -- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”
- Barbara Katz Rothman 

Care Providers
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Whether it is an obstetrician or midwife that practices in a hospital, birth center, or home, it is imperative that the mama-to-be feels safe and trusts her care provider.

This is one of the most important decisions we will make. Our care provider will be the one to ultimately make all of the final decisions about us and our baby’s health and safety.

Routine visits should be slow and unrushed with plenty of time to ask questions, discuss options, and communicate preferences. Mothers-to-be should be treated with care, kindness, and respect and encouraged in their ability to birth and mother.

Check out this great post written by the creator of BellyBelly: 11 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Obstetrician. For home births, there are specific questions that are important when interviewing midwives, such as how many clients they take a month, if they work with an assistant midwife, what their transfer rate is, and how they would handle it if two people were in labor at the same time.

Birth Doulas 
Birth doulas are trained professionals who understand the physiology of birth and the emotional and physical needs of women in labor. They provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support before, during, and just after birth. They perceive their role as nurturing and recognizing birth as a key experience the mother will remember throughout life.
A doula’s role changes depending on the needs of the woman and her partner. Doulas can encourage the partner to become involved in the birth to the extent he or she feels comfortable by demonstrating effective techniques that can be used by the partner during each stage of labor, offering reassurance about the normal progress of labor, and/or allowing the partner the freedom to simply be present with the mother and love her. More
NM uses experts
Susan Minich (CNM, MSN, MSOM, LAc, Diplomate, Oriental Medicine has been a Certified Nurse-Midwife working in Women’s Health for 31 years) now integrates Eastern Medicine into her healing methods and is a noted author, lecturer, and teacher formerly on Clinical Faculty in the Graduate Nurse-Midwifery Program at UCLA and the Univ. of Pennsylvania, and currently on the Clinical Faculty at Cal State University Graduate Nurse-Midwifery Program as well as mentoring Nurse-Midwife, Nurse-Practitioner, and Nursing Students. She is involved in education and training for the OB/GYN and family practice residents at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Los Angeles and is on Clinical Faculty at USC Keck School of Medicine.

Her interest and passion for Eastern Medicine has led her to pursue acupuncture humanitarian service work for women and children in Bali and providing care to Tibetan Buddhist monks, nuns, women, and children refugees living in Dharmshala, India. She traveled to Burma in January 2013 to teach Burmese doctors and has been invited back to India in November 2014.

Not in Our Name: JEWS for Justice in Palestine

Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Sheldon S. CC Liu,, Wisdom Quarterly; Amy Goodman, Producer/Co-Host Nermeen Shaikh (, July 23, 2014)
Restoring our faith in Jews and Judaism are the heroic acts of a very few Jews -- some in Israel but most in America -- who decry the Israeli government's crimes against humanity, its incremental genocide, its dispossession of Palestinian land, its ethnic cleansing of Arabs, Muslims, and the indigenous population of a land the CIA and British government regard as the "State of Israel."

Protests in response to Israel’s assault on Gaza have drawn hundreds -- in some cases thousands -- around the world. 

Palestinians in ghetto? Ask Diane Sawyer
Yesterday [July 22, 2014], members of Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! occupied the New York City office of the "Friends of the Israel Defense Forces" [technically a state-sponsored terrorist organization friendly to strategic U.S. interests].

The office is a front for the nonprofit group that raises money in the U.S. to send to the Israeli military to kill, oppress, imprison, humiliate, drive out (dispossess), and commit atrocities in the name of Jews, Jewish people worldwide, and the "State of Israel," the official name for what is not a state but aims to be, even if that means creating a holocaust  (systematic ghettoizing and planned annihilation/ethnic cleansing) for Palestinians.

Illegal  Jewish settlements are "suburbs"
For about an hour, activists read the names of the more than 600 Palestinians murdered by the Israel "Defense" Forces (IDF) and demanded the support organization stop its fundraising for the outlaw government Jewish terrorists and Jewish militants engaged in war crimes attacking Gaza.

Nine American-Jewish protesters engaging in peaceful civil disobedience were arrested when they refused to leave the premises. We get a video report from the protest. More
  • PM Bibi Netanyahu and his brother were made in America (by the CIA)
  • Tzipi Llvni [sippy livni] is Israel's current peace negotiator who says, "Our troops behaved like hooligans, which I demanded of them."  - Investigative Journalist Max Blumenthal (Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel)
Hate-filled, right wing Netanyahu
Jewish Israeli writer Gideon Levy: If Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to stop Hamas "rockets," he and Israel need to accept a JUST peace [which, of course, they have no interest in since these "rockets" are used to justify the annihilation of Palestinian civilians]  
"Jews of Justice in Palestine": Not In Our Name: Jewish activists arrested during sit-in at Friends of Israel Defense Forces' NYC office, which collects money to kill Palestinians

Israel's side of the story (video)

Green: annihilating Palestine's right to exist
As if the Israeli propaganda machine did not already entirely drown out every other voice on the matter, with help from the figurehead capital of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex known as the White House and its active press room, let's hear what it's like on the ground in Gaza through the eyes of a super-embedded super-soldier, armed with the latest, most high-tech U.S. weaponry capable of speeding up the "incremental genocide" on the neighboring and astonishingly peaceful Palestinians.

(Peaceful? They certainly can't be called "restive" when a population of 2,000,000 is blamed for every Israeli claim of self-defense and offense by an increasingly marginalized and demonized Hamas movement, which does amount to even 1% of the total Palestinian population).

Hooray for colonialism!
"Waltzing down the strip past the fence over fox holes and chunnels, It take not of the martyr's hip: Does it strut, does it offend? I pull my AK-, my way, '48, the newest thing and brandish it on my lip with the cadence of my automatic clip.

"'Nakba' says my friend as I take him down, him and all his hoodlum kids. Now words have I, none he'd understand. He's coming to that side to be re-arrested, not tried but traded for terrorist fiends.

"But if I could say to Bibi or to the Knesset entire, Give us free reign, messiah, give us free reign, would they smile? Livni winks. We're acting as she pleases. We're taking all their homes and the property seizes, she says, he says, NOBODY SAY A WORD!

"Operation Protected Edge glints from my sword, and I'll light up this whole block. You have exactly 57 seconds. Third Floor, jump! because you won't be making it to the door. How I adore the smell of falafel in the morning burning in the rubble like the faint ghosts that to Gaza go. And I, a masked soldier, lately return home."

NOTE: For the official Israeli party-line via the Knesset's [Israeli government's] direct line, refer to the White House, AP, BBC, UPI, AFP, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, and CIA.

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Give me meditation or give me mantra (video)

Crystal Quintero, Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Jeanne Heileman (
Seated meditation (Tess Photo/
Mantra and meditation may seem mysterious, even overwhelming. But yoga instructor Jeanne Heileman dissolves any anxiety related to the mystery. Experience yoga online. “The biggest thing is to experience it,” says Heileman.

The uses of mantra (

She discusses the uses and importance of mantra, as well as the many different kinds and options. To practice mantra, follow up this discussion up with the following online yoga videos.

Online Vinyasa Yoga class with Jeanne Heileman (

Finding Our Voice
Explore the use of mantra with a practice that focuses on aspects of the fifth chakra, which is connected to sound and vibration. Students in a class vocalize the mantra "So Hum" while moving through Sun Salutations and other yoga poses. At times, things get quiet when silently repeating the mantra. This is when one feels the vibrational quality the mantra provides. This class leads to Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) and Matseyasana (Fish Pose). It may seem simple on the outside, but the students reported that the experience was very powerful on the inside. Follow up this transformative experience with try Heileman's Mantra for Meditation (55 minutes).

The energetic throat chakra gives us our voice  (

Meditation and yoga with Jeanne Heileman and Tara (
Mantra for Meditation
Image Description
Spiritual mothering (
Everything vibrates, either on a slow, dull level or a faster, lighter frequency. The vibration of our speech comes from the vibrations of our respiratory system, which are a result of the vibrations from our thoughts. If we can begin to control (restrain) the vibrations in our mind, it can eventually ripple outward past our speech and into our actions and karmic destiny.

Mantra can be powerful. In this online meditation class, the mantra "So Hum" is offered, after some Pranayama (Breath Control) to help establish a focused environment. It is a simple, safe, and extremely powerful mantra that works in alignment with any spiritual/religious perspective. It can also help fill the void if no perspective exists. This meditation is a wonderful option for a mind that is racing and difficult to concentrate. It is also wonderful for low self-esteem when we feel we lack outer support. The effects of the mantra in time after many, many repetitions (24 mins).

Mantra is yet another amazing tool to get our limited conscious mind out of the way -- so as to re-pattern and re-wire it out of negativity and harmful habits in a subtle and effective way. Tap into your grace, goodness, and divinity, while transforming and raise one's vibration. More