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Top 10 Misconceptions about Buddhism (video)

Simon/TT (TopTenz, Feb. 9, 2017); Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

TopTenzBuddhism is an extremely fast growing practice, and estimates put its adherents at somewhere around one billion (minus another billion or so Buddhists in China, whom the communist regime does not now count as "Buddhist" in its census taking). 

Although Buddhism is so popular, many in the Western world, where it is barely practiced, have a poor understanding of it. Not only have many people gained a completely incorrect understanding of it, but some attempt to practice it without proper guidance and end up doing it completely wrong and thinking that this is "Zen," a kind of individualistic rebellion against all rules and teachers. Poppycock!

Now while their hearts are in the right place, it might be wise to find a knowledgeable Buddhist teacher. They do exist even in the Western world, whether because they are Americans who went to Asia to study or are Asians who came to America to teach. And it is possible to learn quite a lot from them. One may also have noticed that nowhere in this introduction have I actually referred to Buddhism as a "religion" or even as a philosophy, and the reason for this is explained below.
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10. Religion.
9. Pacifists.
8. Meditation.
7. Dalai Lama.
6. The Buddha.
5. Paganism.
4. Suffering.
3. Diet.
2. Rebirth (not Reincarnation).
1. Siddhartha Gautama.

Sources/Further reading:

Why I love the Buddha (song, documentary)

The Buddha persisted past the ogre Mara
This documentary tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own bewildering times of violent change and spiritual confusion. It features the work of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, who across two millennia, have depicted the Buddha’s life in art rich in beauty and complexity. Hear insights into the ancient narrative by American teachers, contemporary Buddhists, including Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.S. Merwin and the Dalai Lama.

Official music video for Jack Johnson's "Buddha" (Sleep Through the Static)


Alan Watts explains Buddhism (video)

Alan Watts (; Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly

The Basic History of Buddhism (video)

Keith Hughes; Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly

Buddhism Explained: Religions in Global History
Keith HughesWhat does a Buddhist practice, believe, live out? What are the basic beliefs of Buddhists? This is an introductory lecture on the basics of Buddhism. Support HHH for more world history videos for the kids! The Hindu lecture might make Buddhism clearer

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Irish versus American comedy (video)

Spud; Dave Allen; Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Ireland vs. USA: clips rom The Savage Eye, Hardy Bucks, SNL, and Curb Your Enthusiasm

(DPG) Irish comedian Dave Allen tells a series of religious jokes.

COMEDY: sex, dating, shoplifting (video)

Brittany Wong (Huff Post), VanillaCoolDance; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
(Lynn Jung) "Dating Rules According to the Buddha" [or at least we hope]

Brittany Wong (HP)
Sick of dating? Here are 10 comics that will speak to you. Are you at the point where you’re debating deleting Tinder and just having someone else set you up and/or arrange your marriage? If you answer, “Yeah, maybe,” here's an Instagram account by Vanilla Cool Dance that just might speak to you. There's so much swipe fatigue. More

I didn't molest my hot, 17-y.o. high school student. I just like to smile. - Mrs. Fowlkes

Caught shoplifting

I didn't do nuthin. I'm married to an adult.
A white woman was caught shoplifting at a Rite Aid in Hillsboro, Oregon. A hardworking black employee nabbed her to keep her from getting away until police arrived. That's when she went ape. Aggressive white cop threatens her into submission. Shoplifting bread or food in Oregon is punishable by up to 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine because the law is fair to all.
Tad Cummins, 50, kissed his 15-y.o. student then abducted her, says TBI (

Isolation (What is bordeom?) Mind Field (Ep. 1)

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Corp., is trying to charge money to watch. But how can it if we're all used to using it for free? It wanted to impose fees but would lose tens of millions of viewers it if did.

Rage Against the Machine...symbolically.
So Google Corp. -- itself a subsidiary of the Alphabet Agencies that give it power, funding, protection, access, and get from it all the help they (CIA, NSA, FBI, NSC, DHS, etc.) want with their domestic and international spying, social control, consent manufacturing, and investigations.

Yes, my pretties.
So the G-men decided to do the more American thing: entice us to want to pay to watch. Introducing "YouTube Red," paid access programming. This is CIA-assisted capitalism, which creates its own funding streams so as not to have to answer to Congress or the government for it secret activities.

FULL MOVIE: The Thinning, featuring Peyton List and Logan Paul, before YouTube starts charging for the privilege. Beware not to get addicted to the service.

The Thinning ft. Peyton List
This kind of capitalism charges us to be spied on and socially controlled. It's no longer enough to carry your iPhone like a "wire" spying on all your friends, relatives, secret meetings (with everyone packing a phone), innermost thoughts, and whereabouts to provide more data points for our own personalized government algorithm, which makes us more predictable and less trouble.
YouTube itself wants to warn us of what's happening, but it can't come right out and say so. So it created this YouTube Red teen thriller, The Thinning (wiki), following the massive success of The Hunger Games featuring Jennifer Lawrence and The Divergent Series featuring Shailene Woodley.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Now take a breath -- a long, deep breath in. Hold it for a count of five. Exhale fully. Repeat three times. Still here? Good! Today and tomorrow, take some time for yourself. Stop. Practice deep breathing. I know it may seem silly at first, but it is an extremely healthy practice.  It really cleans out the mind and brings oxygen to the cells. Practice it three or four times a day. Here's a link to my favorite deep breathing exercise:

Man becomes woman, moves to women's prison

Associated Press (; CC Liu, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Prison-Industrial Complex wants women: 10 Worst US Prisons (Julia Tutwiler/Mother Jones)
John Becker is for gay, lesbian, transgender, questioning or LGBTQ rights (AP).
First sex reassignment inmate says women's prison is "torture"
Michael and I are gay. I mean Michelle.
SACRAMENTO, CA - The first U.S. inmate to have taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery says she is being mistreated since being transferred to a California women's prison, where she now has a beard and mustache because officials have denied her a razor.

Shiloh Heavenly Q. (CDC)
In a hand-written federal court filing, convicted killer Shiloh Heavenly Quine called her new housing at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla a "torture unit."
She said she's unnecessarily isolated from other inmates and denied basic items. State officials say she's being treated like other female inmates. All initially are denied privileges like razors and TVs as they are evaluated.

Quine, 57, had the surgery she had long sought in January and was moved from a men's prison [to a women's prison] last month

She said she is being treated as if she's a newly arrived inmate and denied rehabilitation programs and privileges even though she's been serving a life sentence since 1981.
(California's death row )
Quine is housed alone in a cell but said she still has no privacy to perform required intimate post-operative procedures and is enduring "a restrictive isolation" that is pushing her toward anxiety, depression, and sadness. More

Mythological maps of our Earth (video)

Is our Earth a contoured disc or flat with a cracked dome called the firmament and its rift? Let's see what other cultures believed before we forced our Western theory onto them. Where is the entrance to Agartha, "Middle Earth," and the levels beneath the surface home of its real inhabitants as opposed to us the outliers on the exposed surface?
What do the world's mythologies say about the flat Earth, its dome, Sun, Moon, stars, planets, satellites, rainbows, the Great Flood, the Black Sun, the North Star Polaris, and another urge to engage in Blood Over Intent, our spiritual currency into the center of the plane -- our Divine Destination? Music by Devin Madgy. Email me directly at

NOTE: For anyone new to Earth being flat Earth, this is NOT the video to watch! Watch the evidence videos first by presenters like Eric Dubay. Then Come back after you've digested that mind blowing work. Those channels are designed to lift the curtain and explain the theory from the ground up. In any case, I do not base my argument in this video on there being a flat Earth. This is other research. Some of this information is purely speculative, which I distinguish while I am presenting it. Please feel free to mirror any of my videos on your channel with a link back to mine.

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SPRING: Coachella, Songkran, Holi, Qingming

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Coachella; Leigh Morgan; ES; Wiki; Tess Christine; AL; Catrific

(Coachella) At the close of every successful corporate event, a "Thank You" video is released.

Spring 2017: When is the vernal equinox?
Leigh Morgan (, March 16, 2017)
Squirt guns at Coachella? Not allowed! This is Buddhist Thailand's Songkran Festival.
[Leigh MorganHappy Vernal Equinox!] There's no "official" start of spring, but for most the vernal or spring equinox marks the start of the season.

The vernal equinox is on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 5:28 am CDT. That marks the exact time when the sun crosses over the equator and the length of days and nights will be almost equal.
The day that comes the closest to having 12 hours of equal day and night is actually March 16th.
For example, in Alabama on March 16 the day length is 12 hours and 6 seconds in Birmingham, 11:59:51 in Huntsville, and 12:00:40 in Mobile.  More

Coachella Festival
Coachella performance? Not on your life. This vixen is an exhibitionist at a 45 Grave show.
The Father of Rock 'n Roll
The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley, in the Colorado Desert. It was co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen in 1999 and organized by Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG Live as of 2001. The event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures. Across the grounds, several stages continuously host live music. The main stages are the: Coachella Stage, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, Outdoor Theatre, Sahara Tent, and the Yuma stage was introduced in 2013. More
TRAVEL VLOG: Coachella 2016
(VLOG) Tess Christine wants to make everyone jealous in an extended FB-style post about how awesome her life and travels are. Be jealous or it will have been a waste of time and $. Paid?*
    Songkran, Water Festival, Thailand
    Ali Raza (
    Thais in Thailand: Quit it! - No, you quit it! - But this is my best royal garb! - Stop!

    Songkran, also known as the Thai New Year’s festival, is an annual event. It is the largest national event in Thailand, involving what is probably the biggest water fight in the world. It is held on April 13th, but the celebration extends to the 14th and 15th.

    The major celebrations of Songkran Festival (celebrating the New Year and the arrival of spring) are similar to India's Holi Festival, China's Qingming Festival, and Christendom's Easter.

    One Night in Bangkok (
    Thais throw water at each other for no good reason and symbolically wipe off all misfortunes of the past year, thereby greeting the New Year with a fresh start. The single drawback to the lively festivities is the vast number of fatal traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers: over 364 during the 2014 three-day celebration. More
    China: Qingming (Ching Ming) Festival

    Indonesian Chinese on Qingming (wiki)
    The festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, is a traditional Chinese festival on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar.

    This makes it the 15th day after the Spring Equinox, either April 4th or 5th in a given year. Other common translations include Chinese Memorial Day and Ancestors' Day.

    Qingming has been regularly observed as a statutory public holiday in China. In Taiwan, the public holiday is now always observed on April 5th to honor the death of Chiang Kai-shek on that day in 1975. It became a public holiday in mainland China in 2008.

    On the mainland, the holiday is associated with the consumption of qingtuan, green dumplings made of glutinous rice and barley grass. In Taiwan, the similar confection is known as caozaiguo or shuchuguo. A similar holiday is observed in the Ryukyu Islands, called Shīmī in the local language. More 

    India: Festival of Colors/Love
    Holi is celebrated on many dates (, Utah.
    First was the word: om
    Holi in Pasadena, in L.A.'s San Gabriel Valley, was recently celebrated with great fanfare, if almost entirely by ex-pats and families.

    But it is open to all, even Scottish yoginis in linen yoga pants from APU trying to study Hinduism and become like Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, the most prominent American convert to the Sanatan Dharma, the "Eternal Truth," as Hinduism calls itself.

    Hindu, actor, yogini Julia Roberts
    How is it celebrated? Easy. Bring water and colored powder, or buy it on site, then throw it, laugh, and run. Legal in most states but probably not all. Check with local officials.

    HOLI (Sanskrit, होली Holī) is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal (and wherever Indians and Nepalis live abroad), also known as the "Festival of Colors" or the "Festival of Love."

    It signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, the end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play, laugh, forget, forgive, and repair broken relationships.

    Friends in Holi forgiveness and thanksgiving
    It is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. It lasts for a night and a day, starting on the evening of the purnima (full moon day) falling on the Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar month of Phalgun, which falls somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March on the Gregorian calendar. More
    *(Catrific) Get PAID to go to Coachella and vlog about it. It sucks.

    Indus Valley Civilization: Proto-"India"

    (Ancient History Encyclopedia,; Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

    The Indus Valley Civilization was an ancient civilization located in what is [as of 1948] Pakistan and northwest India today, on the fertile flood plain of the Indus River and its vicinity.

    Evidence of religious practices in this area date back approximately to 5500 BCE. Farming settlements began around 4000 BCE and around 3000 BCE there appeared the first signs of urbanization. By 2600 BCE, dozens of towns and cities had been established, and between 2500 and 2000 BCE the Indus Valley Civilization was at its peak.

    The Life of the Indus Valley Civilization
    Two cities, in particular, have been excavated at the sites of Mohenjo-Daro on the lower Indus, and at Harappa, further upstream.

    The evidence suggests they had a highly developed city life; many houses had wells and bathrooms as well as an elaborate underground drainage system.

    The social conditions of the citizens were comparable to those in Sumeria and superior to the contemporary Babylonians and Egyptians. These cities display a well-planned urbanization system.
    The evidence suggests they had a highly developed city life; many houses had wells and bathrooms as well as an elaborate underground drainage system.
    There is evidence of some level of contact between the Indus Valley Civilization and the Near East. Commercial, religious, and artistic connections have been recorded in Sumerian documents, where the Indus valley people are referred to as Meluhhaites and the Indus valley is called Meluhha.

    The following account has been dated to about 2000 BCE: "The Meluhhaites, the men of the black land, bring to Naram-Sin of Agade all kind of exotic wares" (Haywood, p. 76, The Curse of Agade).

    The Indus Civilization had a writing system which today still remains a mystery: all attempts to decipher it have failed. This is one of the reasons why the Indus Valley Civilization is one of the least known of the important early civilizations of antiquity.

    Examples of this writing system have been found in pottery, amulets, carved stamp seals, and even in weights and copper tablets.
    Another point of debate is the nature of the relationship between these cities. Whether they were independent city-states or part of a larger kingdom is not entirely clear.

    Because the writing of the Indus people remains undeciphered and neither sculptures of rulers nor depictions of battles and military campaigns have been found, evidence pointing in either direction is not conclusive. More

    Hippie life down on The Farm, TN

    Cassi Stuckman (; The Farm; Kelly Ani, Amber Larson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

    O, to live like a hippie down on The Farm in good old Tennessee, USA (
    Cassi on Instagram: Int'l yoga retreats
    I just returned from a long weekend in Summertown, Tennessee with my mother and grandmother.

    We spent three days attending a herb workshop at The Farm (a commune or intentional community), a renowned spot in rural Tennessee that was pioneered by a group of hippies in the 1970’s who wanted more from life:

    They wanted to live off the land, promote peace, and have the kind of birth they desired.
    Study permaculture design (
    We stayed with a sweet and amazingly hospitable couple. (Their birth story is in Spiritual Midwifery, a book about The Farm’s births).

    One night my mother and I sat with our hosts on a bench in the middle of the country road and looked at the sky.
    The food served at The Farm was soul food. It came from an on-site garden, and it was vegan/vegetarian because they don’t harm animals on The Farm. It was delicious!
    Earthquake! Help, humans, help us! (AP)
    Hearing my mother and grandmother talk about their birth stories over home cooked meals with other women was something I will cherish forever. Midwives and doulas traveled from Puerto Rico, England, Australia, and other places to spend time tapping into the spiritual energy of this place. More

    Taklamakan mummies: Euro DNA, China (video)

    Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; John Bouchard; Kristina Killgrove (Forbes)

    (Oliver Horn, ARTE France, France 5) The Mummies of Taklamakan desert in China, "the land of no return." These people are called Tocharians because of their language.

    They are "Lost White Tribes" in Asia, Scythians (Shakyians of Afghanistan) or nomadic wanderers and peripatetic herders.
    Caucasian mummies in China reflect a "March of the Titans" or tall white redheads and blondes perfectly preserved 3,000-year-old mummies unearthed in a remote location along the Silk Road.

    This is an amazing investigation into the identity of well preserved human remains exhumed from desert sands of China´s Xinjian region. Some are as old as 4,000 years, and all are Caucasians. The Chinese civilization has always contained stories of blue-eyed and blonde-haired people at the edge of their walled empire on the western end in Central Asia.

    DNA test: Chinese mummies are European
    Kristina Killgrove (, 2015) DNA reveals red-haired Chinese mummies are Eurasian

    The Beauty of Xiaohe (forbes)
    In a nondescript Bronze Age cemetery first discovered by Swedish archaeologists in 1934 and rediscovered by the Xinjiang Archaeological Institute in 2000, researchers have found the oldest and best-preserved mummies in the Tarim Basin area of China.

    Their skeletal remains, along with unprecedented artifacts, are helping solve the longstanding question of the origins of human settlement in a politically contested area of China.

    Map of Eurasia shows location of the Xiaohe cemetery, Tarim Basin, ancient Silk Road routes and areas occupied by cultures associated with the settlement of the Tarim Basin (Li, et al. BMC Genetics 2015 16:78).
    The Buddha was from Bamiyan, Central Asia
    Contemporary occupants of the Tarim Basin, a geographical area in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region of northwest China, are both biologically and culturally diverse.

    The region borders numerous countries and was historically a part of the Silk Road trade route between the West and the East [where the Buddha, a Shakyian/Scythian, was born and raised]... More