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Coastal Cleanup Day! (Saturday, 9/17)

Xochitl, Crystal Quintero, Amber Larson, CC Liu, Wisdom
Want to be reborn in a clean world of beauty? Karma: clean the one you live in now. Want to see me be wiped out by dirty Santa Monica Bay water in LA? Then help cleanup! (CC)
California Coastal Cleanup Day, Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014, 9:00 am-12 noon (

Whale Tail License Plate
Join us on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 for the 30th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day on coastal and inland sites across California. It is easy to participate! Be kind to Gaia, our Earth (Bhumi). Just follow these steps:
Visit, click "Join the Cleanup!," then "Cleanup Location," then scroll down and click your county to find a local coordinator. Contact that person, and s/he will get you all set up to volunteer. (Special thanks to @bbdosf for creating this PSA for California Coastal Cleanup Day).
What is Coastal Cleanup Day?
Dealing with debris, grumbling about garbage - the Spork Crab lives on
Every year, on the third Saturday in September, people join together at sites all over California to take part in the State's largest volunteer event: California Coastal Cleanup Day. In 2013, over 58,000 volunteers removed almost 750,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California's beaches, lakes, and waterways.

Friends, families, coworkers, scout troops, school groups, service clubs, and caring individuals come together to celebrate and share their appreciation of California's fabulous coast and waterways. The event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, which is the largest volunteer event on the planet (unless you count India's Kumbha Mela as a "volunteer" event)! More
Native American Fall Equinox Celebration, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, 4:00 pm (FLYER)
Sunset on the Beach, Santa Cruz, California (© Jan Cheung/

Fall Equinox: Chumash Celebration (Malibu)

Xochitl, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; via Tim Martinez (ArroyoSage)
How we used to dance without judgment, all-inclusive, everyone a member of the tribe.

OPEN TO ALL: Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, 4:00, 33904 PCH, Malibu, CA 90265 (
  • Wishtoyo Benefit Dinner, Oct. 26, Malibu Chumash Discovery Village! Details
Exploring the Hills of Mt. Washington
Tim Martinez (The Arroyo Sage)
Last week, my friend and Arroyo Seco Foundation colleague Scott Cher took me on a walking tour of Mt. Washington [in the foothills of Los Angeles near Pasadena], which he has long called home.
Nestled in the hills behind the majestic Southwest Museum, Mount Washington is a historic L.A. neighborhood [above gentrified Highland Park crowned by the Self Realization Fellowship mother center] with commanding vistas and surrounded by nature.
We set out to explore the open spaces and habitat in the area that have been set aside, preserved, and some still in need of protection
Shuttered Southwest Museum languishing under Autry Museum management (AS)

We began our walk by hiking through Moon Canyon Park. Moon Canyon is an unmaintained Los Angeles City park with great potential for habitat restoration. The canyon's slopes are home to the rare California Walnut tree, which Mt. Washington is known for. More
Moon Canyon Park surrounded by residential area, L.A. (Tim Martinez/ArroyoSage)

Comedy, CLIMATE, and Capitalism (video)

Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 is the People's Climate March (NY, LA): See details below.

Sick sad word, contaminated environment, dying planet...brought to you by capitalism (SM)

US military-industrial complex aids Israel in its killing, incremental genocide, and war crimes: "I'm very pleased with your civilian kill rate efforts to stop terrorism (SM).
Fracking? First capitalism ruins the environment (Left Coast/SM)
Then capitalism gets us addicted to Internet over-consumption and "news" propaganda (SM)
Then capitalism funds armies to put down the poor and complainers (Left Coast/SM)
"Capitalism isn't working: Another world is possible"! (

People's Climate Events
From New York's march against capitalism and "flood Wall Street" to protest government inaction on climate on Sunday, Sept. 21 to Los Angeles' linking arms on Wilshire Blvd. on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014: THE PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MARCH.

(, Sept. 18, 2014)

People's Climate MarchAt least 100,000 people are expected to take part in the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday.
More than 2,000 "People’s Climate" events are planned worldwide in 150 countries. And on Monday, climate activists are planning to stage a mass sit-in in the financial district in Manhattan in an action dubbed "Flood Wall Street."

We'll save you, Earth!
The actions are taking place ahead of Tuesday’s one-day United Nations Climate Summit. DN! speaks to acclaimed journalist Naomi Klein, author of the new book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate being launched today, about the upcoming climate activism as well as the global grassroots movement dubbed "Blockadia," which is fighting fossil fuel extraction from Canada to Nigeria to Greece. Watch Part 1
  • The NYC book release of Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything is sold out, but watch it free on live stream.

Corporations prefer profits over people and plunder over the planet.
The solution? According to author and artist Stephanie McMillan, it's Capitalism Must Die!

Capitalism Must Die! (Stephanie McMillan)
Why? "There's an evil force dominating the people of the world and destroying the planet [Bhumi, Gaia, Earth, Tierra] itself. This force is our enemy and the enemy of all life. But before we can defeat it, we have to correctly identify it. We have to understand its underlying structure, how it works, and who controls it in order to pinpoint its vulnerabilities and effectively fight against it."
We agree, and it's not just us. Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and the new This Changes Everything on climate change also singles out capitalism -- at least the aggressive form of it practiced in the USA. This is sometimes called "disaster capitalism" or the "create a problem then sell them a solution" model.

Capitalism vs. the Climate
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate arrived in stores on Tuesday (Sept. 16). For more information, tour dates, or to buy the book, see: What's it about?
This Changes Everything
Forget everything you think you know about global warming. The really "inconvenient truth" is that it’s not about carbon [that whole carbon market is just a way to make money by selling pollution credits!]. It’s about capitalism!
The convenient truth is that we can seize this existential crisis [a threat to our very existence] to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better.
In Naomi Klein's most provocative book yet, she tackles the most profound threat humanity has ever faced -- the war our economic model is waging against life on Earth. More
(Big Think) Question: Why did you write Shock Doctrine?

ClimateactivismartNaomi Klein: It came out of reporting that I was doing in Iraq after the [U.S.] invasion [and] the first year of occupation. But I guess it dates back earlier than that. I happen to have been in Argentina making a documentary film when the [U.S.] war [o]n Iraq began. And it was a really amazing time to be in Latin America.... 
Less Concerned
Daily Affirmations for the Revolutionary Proletarian Militant: "I'm less concerned with my own comfort than the advancement of our class in its struggle" (
Once the smartest show on KPFK FM daytime, GO HARRISON is returning!

Up to 8,000 MPG? It's true! Going GREEN wtih Go Harrison (
Capitalism: A Ghost Story -- and how it's ruining India (Arundhati Roy)

Zen Koan: Pointing to the Earth

CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Gerry Shishin Wick, Book of Equanimity, Case 4 (
Golden Buddha with hands over heart mudra, Thailand (teiemo.espeerotetee/flickr)
The World-Honored One Points to the Earth
When a speck of dust is raised, the great Earth is fully contained in it. It’s very well to open new territory and extend your lands with horse and spear. Who is this person who can be master in any place and meet the source in everything?

Attention! When the World-Honored One [the Buddha, the Tathagatha] was walking with his disciples he pointed to the ground and said, “It would be good to erect a temple here.” The god Indra [the deva Sakka] took a blade of grass and stuck it in the ground and said, “The temple has been erected.” The World-Honored One smiled faintly.

The Buddha (Nadeemmazhar/flickr)
On the hundred grass-tips, boundless spring -- taking what’s at hand, use it freely. Buddha’s sixteen foot golden [aura] body of manifold merit spontaneously extending a hand, enters the red dust --
within the dust he can be host coming from another world, naturally he’s a guest.
Wherever you are be content with your role -- dislike not those more adept than you. Part of experiencing growth in our life requires developing a larger vision unconstrained by our usual, limited mind, like Indra and [the] Buddha. Doing so requires great awareness. We all have blind spots, and we project our world view from those dark places. That projection inevitably distorts our relations with others, with the world, and with ourselves.

We need to practice awareness in order to develop clarity and to perceive the difference between reality and distortions. We also need perseverance because without it we will not generate the heat necessary to melt our self-grasping ignorance.

Suppose you saw a black raven flying by, and everybody in the room said, “That’s not a black raven. That’s a white snowy egret.” You’d say, “No it’s not. It’s a black raven!” “No, everybody here except you says it’s a snowy egret.” You might see certain things with the clarity developed from your Zen practice, and yet everyone is telling you something else. This often happens when you visit close relatives. Someone might say, “This Zen stuff, sitting on the cushion all these hours -- it’s a total waste of time!” What do you say? Whenever visitors would say something argumentative to him, Maezumi Roshi would give them space for their opinions. He would respond, “It could be so.” 

The verse says, “Taking what’s at hand, use it freely.” Just put aside all of your ideas, standards, and judgments, then look at the world with your larger vision and see what arises. How can you manifest the sixteen foot golden body of the Buddha? How can you erect a temple from a blade of grass? The
Bible says that your body is your temple. A piece of grass is your temple too.
All dharmas [things, phenomena, teachings] in the ten directions are your body and your temple. But, as Master Bansho says in commenting on this case, “Repairs won’t be easy.”

The verse also says: “Wherever you are, be contented with your role. Don’t dislike those that are more adept than you.” No matter how good you are there is always somebody better. No matter how bad you are there is always somebody worse. How can we be everything that we want to be? Everywhere life is sufficient. Just be who you are, and don’t restrict it. More

Advanced humanoid life exists on Mars

Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Wisdom QuarterlyDavid Reynolds (, C2C, 9-18-14)
Mars mission to the oxidized planet with life underground (

Alien fossil thigh bone sitting on the surface of Mars (

Oops, missed another one, Mr. NASA Airbrusher! Squirrel foraging on the surface of Mars
Moss or lichen just like a roll of sod on Mars (March 2014/Morningstar/

 Frothy water on Mars surface, a sweet lake or a salty sea with ripples (Morningstar Beach)

The good news is that the humanoid life on Mars is very advanced, even after suffering an environmental catastrophe.

A planet swung by and knocked out its atmosphere. While habitable by day, it otherwise goes to extremes of temperatures with windstorms that drive life underground. Apparently, squirrels, ducks, and carnivorous indigenous creatures can stand it.

Pegasus Logo
So the project to send human Earthling life up onto the Red Planet is not nearly as adventurous as it is being made out to be. Earthlings have already been on the surface. Just ask Project Pegasus'  Andrew D. Basiago.

The better news is that you don't have to believe any of these revelations because their source is attributed to trance channeling, with references to Edgar Cayce, Jesus, spiritual evolution, and knowledge of past lives.

Last night David Reynolds, a teacher for the Unarius Educational Foundation, discussed the work of Unarius co-founder Ernest Norman and the "eyewitness" insights he revealed about Mars.

According to Reynolds, Norman was a profound genius who possessed an intellectual and spiritual intelligence that has "never [been] seen before on planet Earth" as well as extreme clairvoyant abilities.

Using these skills, he claims, Norman entered into communication with the leader of an alien humanoid race that lives underground on the Red Planet. Via a series of 33 astral trips to Mars, Norman was able to document the history and life of these ETs, sharing these revelations in the 1955 book The Truth About Mars.
Latin Pyramid Power: Kukulkan, Chitzen Itza (Richard Hoagland/
Based on the writings of Norman, the Martian people are a "peace-loving people" that fell victim to an astronomical catastrophe around 100,000 years ago when a sun-like star in a distant galaxy exploded and hurled debris toward their planet. [The remains may have formed the Kuiper Belt.]

Having 200 years to prepare for the oncoming environmental onslaught, the "Martians" (they do not use the Roman god Mars' name, nor call their planet Mars, nor label themselves "Martians") decided to move their entire civilization underground in order to survive. Their technology is sufficient enough to get everyone off Mars if they so wished; many are already on Earth.
Although fierce sand storms occasionally reveal aspects of their subterranean structures -- photographs of plexiglass tubes or "tunnels" made famous by Richard C. Hoagland and his Enterprise Mission -- Reynolds contends that "They have very cleverly hidden their society."

This is because "they don't want anybody to come, uninvited, to their world." Over the course of his appearance, Reynolds also shared insights into the nature of Martian society as well as how the history of Mars connects to Earth and the human race. More + AUDIO

Martians are real!?
Eds., Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Borobudur, Java, Indonesia time travel stone bells, Die Glockes (Ryanchanatry/flickr)
Buddhist temple, pyramid-like mandala with bells at Borobudur (22Kartika/wiki)
The Nazi time travel bell or Die Glocke
The most shocking revelation Reynolds made was not about the vegetarian diet on Mars, the super advanced technology, the non-interventionist mentality, the large ants that once resulted from pollution, or what the weather is really like. No, it had to do with the origin of the Chinese people on Earth -- Martian-Earthling hybrids, a claim confirmed by ancient Chinese records.

Hitler survived WW II
More, tantalizing than that, however, is the fact that Basiago and others in Project Pegasus have spoken of a "jump room" in a building in El Segundo, California, next to LAX. The operative teleportation device there appears to be an elevator.

But it is used to get to Mars through a portal that opens up using a manipulation of natural phenomena beyond the pale of the old physics, technology given to Maria Orsic and the Vril Society the way Nikola Tesla got it -- telepathy from Mars.

The Nazis made ET/UFO machines
Tesla said as much, and the beautiful Vril women channeled it in detail to help Germany create Die Glocke, "the Bell," a time-travel device governments know about but about which ordinary scientists are kept ignorant. Get a job with a security clearance and find out, oh naysaying scientists of the world.

Borobudur temple complex: mysterious stupa-like bells at dawn (TrevThompson/flickr)
But why mention anything having anything to do with those despised boogeymen the Nazis? They are portrayed as utterly despicable so as to be "radioactive," so reflexively hated that no one pays attention to anything said in relation to them. This is the fate of everyone the powers that be seek to discredit and or keep concealed.
Vril (energy) in Sanskrit and Pali viriya
It's a pity because they are alive and well in the U.S. military-industrial complex, their plans apparently still being carried out only not as publicly as when Hitler and Goebbels were the spokesmen. Project Paperclip and all the Nazi scientists given free travel to the U.S. to live unprosecuted or persecuted, new identities when needed, big paychecks, to build bombs, poisons, futuristic weapons, rockets, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and the U.S. space program.
The Nazis, it is said, made it to the Moon, not for the sake of travel but because they were invited by whatever intelligent civilization/life resides on that satellite. It is not a normal planetary body, but a hollow world with many inhabitants. This, too, is no secret.
The reason we are fond of mentioning the German bell technology, regardless of the Nazi connection, which one can also say of the beloved Volkswagen, is that it is shockingly similar to the "bells" atop the largest Buddhist monument in the world -- Borobudur, Indonesia.

What are they, why are they there, and who would hide Buddha statues in them out of site except through little holes? Someone, some kind of devas, knew something and were communicating it to the rulers of that ancient empire.

Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014 (video); Ashley Wells, Seven, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom QuarterlySSMF Lineup; SunsetStrip MusicFestival
The Sunset Strip Music Festival, Sept. 20-21, 2014 is 70 Bands over 2 Days on 1 Strip.

Saturday, September 20: OUTDOOR STAGES
Jane’s Addiction, Failure, Cold War Kids, ††† (Crosses), Minus the Bear, The Birds of Satan, Nightmare and the Cat, Beware of Darkness, Say Say

MURS 316 STAGE Hosted by MURS
Bun B, Riff Raff, Dizzy Wright, Zion I, Mod Sun, King Fantastic, Propaganda, Joey Fatts and A$ton Matthews, Tay F 3rd, Phillyblunts, Toni Monroe

Kitten, The Last Internationale, The Beta Machine, Queen Caveat, Fathers & Suns, Michael Rey & The Woebegones, Kansas City Bankroll, PPL MVR

Puddle Of Mudd, LA Guns, Unwritten Law, Nekrogoblikon, Fartbarf, Bonnet, The Killing Lights, Future Villians, Wild Roses, Dirty Machine

Sunday, September 21: OUTDOOR STAGES
Empire Of The Sun, Destructo, Mayer Hawthorne, Iration, Big Data, Tove Lo!, Big Freedia, We Came as Romans, Nostalghia, Fenech-Soler

DJ Quik, Killer Mike, N.O.R.E., IAMSU, RA the Rugged Man, SPEAK, POS, CES Cru, Pterodactyl Jones

Break Science, FMLYBND, Babes, Lincoln Jesser, MYPET, Strangers You Know

Onyx, Cattle Decapitation, Metalachi, Chon, Abloom, The Young Rapscallions, DFL, The Narwhals, Signal City
What if Led Zeppelin played this show?
What's a lead zepellin? Only the greatest band in the world, beating out the Beatles for the distinction. Here they are live:

Led Zeppelin ive at Madison Square Garden, New York City, "The Song Remains the Same"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Climate Action Week (Livestream video)

Climate Action Week: This Changes Everything
Climate Action Week: This Changes Everything
This Changes Everything
Naomi Klein speaks about This Changes Everything, her first new book in seven years, followed by a discussion with special guests about the call to engage fundamentally with the issue of climate change. A booksigning will follow the event.

It is sponsored by The Nation Magazine, The Nation Institute, and The New School for Public Engagement as a part of the 10th Anniversary partnership celebration and Climate Action Week at The New School in association with The Working World and

The New School demonstrates a commitment to climate action and a solidarity with people converging on New York City for the historic People’s Climate March on Sunday, September 21, 2014 with a week-long series of events focused on climate change. As a leader and official endorser of the March, The New School’s Climate Action Week includes a diverse set of programming directed towards the university and wider community for enriched learning and engagement opportunities, scholarship, innovation and creativity, solidarity and collective action, and highlighting New School’s values around climate justice and action.