Sunday, January 22, 2017

Establishing Mindfulness Sutra (podcast)

Ven. Analayo (; Amber Larson (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
Mindful golden buddhas, Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, Bangkok, Thailand (drhill/flickr)

Bhikkhu AnalayoThis week on the Wisdom Podcast (9-21-16) we learn about Theravada Buddhism from one of its finest scholar-monks, Ven. Analayo.

He discusses the role of mindfulness in early Buddhist texts, specifically the Satipatthana Sutra, “The [Fourfold] Establishing or Setting Up of Mindfulness Discourse,” then explains some important etymological points regarding the word satipatthana (sati-upatthana):
  1. mindfulness of body
  2. mindfulness of feelings
  3. mindfulness of mind
  4. mindfulness of mind-objects.
Mindfulness means "bare awareness," presence
The venerable talks about how Pali became one of the early languages of Buddhism (and the only exclusively Buddhist language). He also provides some pointers for doing comparative study of the Satipatthana Sutra.

He reflects on how it is important to not reject certain Buddhist teachings just because they were not originally taught by the Buddha himself. Ven. Analayo then explains what the true meaning of the “direct path” to awakening (for years translated as “the one and only path” to enlightenment) means and how to understand the various types of mindfulness.

He also discusses the role that mindfulness plays in the path to liberation, the relationship between mindfulness practice and breathing practice, the continuity between the four establishments or satipatthanas, the importance of body contemplation practice, and much more. LISTEN NOW

Questioning reality: life as simulation (video)

Strange Mysteries (video); Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly

3 Reasons We Are Living in a Simulation
Strange Mysteries, Jan. 20, 2017
Despite simulation theory existing for thousands of years in various forms, one of the most compelling comments on the subject came just a few years ago in 2003 from philosopher Nick Bostrom. Every day and night we conjure up vivid dreams, mental images, and crystal clear memories we're certain we once experienced. There are many things about the universe we haven't yet explained, but some scientists are starting to believe that simulation theory works like a catch-all for things we haven't figured out.

(Jan. 19, 2017) The claim that we know more about outer space than we do the ocean is a pile of horse poop. We've explored lots of the ocean. We've met many of its creatures. Heck, I've even drank some of it, but I've never drunk outer space.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Million+ join Women's March on DC (photos)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; The Associated Press (Jan. 22, 2017)

Million join the main Women's March in addition to L.A., Chicago, worldwide (AP).
L.A. march a success -- too many marchers

Don John Trump is not my president.
LOS ANGELES, California (WQ) - The Metro trains going to DTLA for the Pershing Square sister march in Los Angeles had long lines all along their route. Tens of thousands of participants waited to get on. But arriving in downtown the crowds only thickened. When it came time to move from Pershing Square gathering place, where there was a rally and speakers, the massive city blocks could not hold everyone who wanted to march. So three simultaneous marches on three massive parallel blocks oozed toward City Hall to hear more speakers for the main gathering. But even with three marches, it was still very slow going. It was peaceful, it was over-attended, and it was inspiring to all be on the same page for women (minorities, LGBTQ, workers, dreamers, etc.) and against Trump. Let's give him a chance, of course. But what we've seen and heard from him before has not been inspiring, uniting, or suggestive of better times to come. Get with, Trump. Unite the people against a corrupt government swamp and lying media.
Women's March fills DTLA with signs, songs
(SCPR) Many people trying to get to and from the Women's March Los Angeles encountered long lines and waits for Metro trains and buses. Metro says it added more cars to the trains and more frequent service, but long lines were reported throughout the city trying to get to the march in DTLA. More
Over 1 million join in anti-Trump women's marches
WASHINGTON, DC (AP) - In a global exclamation of [anti-Trump] defiance and solidarity, more than one million people rallied at women's marches in the nation's capital and cities around the world today to send President Donald John Trump an emphatic message on his first full day in office that they will not let his agenda go unchallenged.

Women's March

Women's March

"Welcome to your first day; we will not go away!" marchers in Washington, DC chanted. Many of the women came wearing pink, pointy-eared "pussyhats" to mock the new president. Plenty of men joined in, too, contributing to surprising numbers everywhere from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles to Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, London, Prague, and Sydney. More

Cops say no arrests at Women's March on DC
Betsy Rosen, Aya Laoufir
Jewish Betsy Rosen of Charlotte, N.C., hugs Muslim girl of Moroccan descent Aya Laoufir, 17, of Arlington, Va., during rally at Women's March against Pres. Trump in Washington, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. In a global exclamation of defiance and solidarity, more than 1 million people rallied at women's marches in the nation's capital and cities around the world Saturday to send Trump an emphatic message on his first full day in office that they won't let his agenda go unchallenged (AP).
The Latest on the Women's March on Washington and affiliated protests around the world. 6:10 pm EST: A day after more than 200 people were arrested in Washington while protesting the inauguration of Pres. Trump, the Women's March on Washington didn't yield a single arrest.

Women's March

According to District of Columbia (DC) Homeland Security Director Christopher Geldart, no one was arrested at massive peaceful Women's March demonstration.
Director Geldart says, "I think our Metropolitan Police Department performed not only admirably but outstandingly." He adds, "They knew when we had those who were trying to destroy things and those who were trying to peacefully protest." More

Women's March on Washington (LIVE); Pacifica LA (;; Wisdom Quarterly

WATCH LIVE: Women's March on Washington broadcast 
We are united as Americans for justice!
On Saturday, Jan. 21st, Democracy Now! brings us a special live broadcast from the Women’s March on Washington main stage area. (There are many sister marches across the nation).

Tune in from 10:00 am-3:00 pm ET. Or listen live on KPFK (90.7 FM) in Los Angeles.

Activist, UCLA Professor Angela Davis
This special coverage includes speakers and performers and interviews with people from around the world who are attending the march and rallies in D.C., as well as reports from other actions around the country. Click here for more details. (Use the hashtag #DNlive to join the conversation on Twitter). HOW TO WATCH Stream this coverage live here on Saturday, January 21st starting at 10:00 am ET or watch on LinkTV (Dish Network 9410 & DirecTV Ch. 375).
Pres. Trump's approval rating plummets to 32%, lowest ever for incoming president

    Superstar Alicia "War is Holy Sex is Obscene" Keys sings at Women's March on DC.
    PHOTOS: 2017 Women's March on Washington (The Associated Press)