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Los Angeles Wild Mushroom Fair (Feb. 13-14)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Gary Lincoff, (Foray), LA Arboretum
Wisdom Quarterly Mushroom Expedition in Santa Monica Mountains and river (WQ)

(Collective Consciousness)
LAMS (Los Angeles Mycological Society) is a non-profit group with the purpose of fostering and expanding the understanding and appreciation of mycology (the study of mushrooms and fungi).

LAMS creates and sponsors fun mushroom related events and helps people learn about and identify mushrooms found in the greater Los Angeles area. More
L.A. area trails are brimming with massive mushroom specimens after rains (WQ)

True Story of Che Guevara (documentary video)

History Channel (video); Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
(CD) Dir. Maria Berry, writer Maria Berry. Mario Ramirez Reyes, Andrew Blood, Jay Costelo

Latin-Irish Che Guevara
Argentinian doctor who joined Cuba's Fidel Castro in Mexico in 1954 and was a leader of the 1956-59 Cuban Revolution -- "Che" (Ernesto Guevara Lynch) served as president of Cuba's national bank and as Cuba's minister of industry in the period immediately following the Cuban Revolution.

Towards the end of his formal affiliation with the Cuban government, Che came to implicitly criticize Soviet bureaucracy. His positions put him at odds with the party line of the Cuban Communist Party. In 1965, Che realized that the defense of the Cuban Revolution and the creation of revolutions abroad were naturally not always in sync, and this ultimately led to his resignation and his return to revolutionary work abroad.

The revolution's over/lost when you're on bank notes (
During Che's subsequent revolutionary campaigns, he wrote his "Message to the Tricontinental" (1967) in which he openly criticized the Soviet Union, claiming that the Northern hemisphere of the world -- both the USSR and the USA -- exploited the Southern hemisphere of the world. He strongly supported the Vietnamese Revolution, and he urged his comrades in South America to create "many Vietnams."

Che is cool (Dhr. Seven/WQ)
In 1965 Che left Cuba to set up guerrilla forces first in the Congo and then later in Bolivia, where he was ultimately captured and killed in October 1967. Accounts of his execution have varied over the years, but many contemporary versions indicate some degree of collaboration between Bolivia's government troops and the United States secretive criminals the CIA.

Che Guevara developed a theory of primacy of military struggle, in particular concept of guerrilla foquismo. Many of Che's theories regarding guerrilla tactics are articulated in his 1961 work Guerrilla Warfare.

Korda, revolutionary photographer, Museum of Latin American Art (
Fidel Castro (L), sailor, Che Guevara, and friend in Cuban waters, 1960 (apeaceful-warrior)
The Short Life of Che 
Curt Dotty, DouglasDuartee edited by Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
(Documentaries Hub) Life of Ernesto Che Guevara - a rare full-length documentary
Che Guevara is the face of REVOLUTION, an icon of style, a symbol of REBELLION. He stands for many things the world fights. He sacrificed his life, became a martyr, for a greater cause. And this has resulted in his immortality. He lived hard and died young, at the peak of his fame. This video is a tribute to the legend, with a few lesser known facts like:

"Che" is an interjection. The famous nickname "Che" (short for Ernest/o) is a casual speech filler which he frequently used. He came to be known as Che by 1953.

Brainy Guevara: He wasn't just a fiery leader. He was an intellectual from the beginning. He had affinity for chess by the age of 12. He was an avid READER, and a passionate admirer of POETRY.

The Buddha: rebel inspiration, light of the world (Srijan Roy Chandhury/
He had a collection of over 3,000 books. He made handwritten notes of concepts and philosophies of his favorite intellectuals, even composing analytical sketches of the BUDDHA and Aristotle. The CIA, in 1958 would describe him as "quite well read" and fairly intellectual for a Latino in their declassified "biographical and personality report."

Not Cuban: Che is associated with Cuba for his involvement in the overthrowing of the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. But he was born and brought up in Argentina and wanted to reunite all of Latin America. His family was of Basque and Irish descent. But he would discard of all that and say that the world was his playground. He fought for the FREEDOM of the common person, and the story is the same everywhere.

Che has 5 kids: He was a man of the people, of and by the people. He was a father of five from two marriages. He married Hilda Gadea Acosta, a Peruvian economist, in 1955. They had one daughter in 1959. Che confessed to Hilda that he was involved with another woman. They both agreed on a divorce, and he married Aleida March, a Cuban-born member of the 26th of July movement, who was with him till his death. They had four children. Che's first daughter with Hilda is named Hilda, and his first daughter with Aleida is named Aleida. The others are Camilo, Celia, and Ernesto.

The Iconic Photograph: Described as the "most famous photograph in the world," the portrait of Che's face, which can be found almost everywhere particularly on t-shirts, posters, graffiti, and tattoos. It was captured by Alberto KORDA. It was named "Guerrillero Heroico" ("Heroic Guerrilla Fighter"), captured on March 5th, 1960 in Havana, Cuba. The photo has reproduced more than any other in the history of photography. He was 31 years old when it was taken.

Che for Christ? After his execution, he began to develop a "sanctified" image. Locals and artists and other personalities saw in his face a physical resemblance to Jesus Christ. They soon began making comparisons. Both were doctors, with Christ being a miraculous healer and Che a trained physician. Both fought for similar ideals, like owning less and sharing all. And both urged people to leave behind their comfort-zone and sacrifice for the greater good.

Americans losing religion? Hybrids = more

Audrey Ngo, Larry Mantle, Rabbi Adam GreenwaldBrett Hoover, Cecil M. Robeck Jr. (AirTalk, Feb. 2016,; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
"BuddhaCats"? Buddhist-Catholics. Susy Vazquez prays before a shadow that has formed what many think is the silhouette of the Holy Family (Joe Raedle/Getty Images/KPCC/
BuddhaCats, Jubus, Hindu-Jesuits, Christian-Taoists, curious Muslims, and "Zen" lovers...
A recent Politico article addressed Marco Rubio’s journey from Catholicism to Mormonism to an Evangelical megachurch and back again.
Rubio has been described as an "Evangelical Catholic," which could be a deal-breaker for some voters. But beyond the political scope of Rubio’s faith, his hybrid of beliefs begs the question: Can you be a Catholic and a Buddhist, Protestant, or Evangelical at the same time?
My New Year Fire Monkey (scpr)
Practicing a religious hybrid isn’t as uncommon as one may think. As one example, people of interfaith marriages and their children adapt to this concept, but finding ways to do it can be challenging.
So how do people practice more than one religion? Larry Mantle weighs in with some religious experts to discuss the dynamic of religious hybrids. More + AUDIO

  • Brett Hoover, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University 
  • Rabbi Adam Greenwald, Director of the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program at American Jewish University 
  • Cecil M. Robeck Jr., Director of the David J. Duplessis Center for Christian Spirituality and Professor of Church History and Ecumenics at the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary
BuddhaCats, Jubus, Hindu-Jesuits, Christian-Taoists, curious Muslims, and "Zen" lovers...
  • (Patt Morrison) Has "institutional Christianity" helped or hurt the US?....Is it religion's dearth or presence that contributes to the country's political gridlock? Or could it be possible that the answer is neither of the...
  • (AirTalk) Is the "Religious Right" losing its political influence? ...Tom Krattenmaker, contributing columnist for USA Today in religion and public life and author of The Evangelicals You Don't Know: Introducing...
  • Religion and Culture: Hindu-Americans aren't writing off Sanskrit just...Arshya Gurbani, president of USC's Hindu Student Organization, hopes one day to learn Sanskrit to better connect with her faith. Melissa Yang.

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Was Einstein right about gravitational waves?

Larry Mantle (AirTalk,; CC Liu, Sheldon S., Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors have discovered gravitational waves

Meanwhile, sex has taken over the American college "hook up" culture, but how about just casual (sexless) dating instead? (Let's ask Jennifer Jason Leigh about her sex scenes). California has no solution for its teacher shortage, and with leader Charles Lester ousted, the search is on for a new director of the California Coastal Commission.

Physicists on why discovery of gravitational waves is earth-shattering for scientific community
118436 full
David Reitze, executive director of LIGO Laboratory at Caltech, announces scientists have observed ripples in fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty).
(AirTalk) PASADENA - For the first time ever, scientists can actually hear the universe. [What does it sound like? "Om," ping, white background noise, like the beach?] A team of physicists announced today that they were able to detect and record the sound of two black holes [clapping] a billion light-years away colliding with one another.

A hundred years ago, Albert Einstein posited that gravitational waves existed, but until now these ripples in the fabric of space-time were undetectable. Now, thanks to the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors and the team that worked on them, the final piece of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
I wasn't always crazy (E.O.H.)
What does the universe sound like? The LIGO team says it was a faint tone that was the result of a collision about 1.2 billion years ago that rose to the note of middle C before stopping. It [allegedly] signifies the warping of space-time itself.

Until now, scientists haven’t been able to measure that sound over the other noises of our planet, but in September 2015, the LIGO antenna were able to measure vibrations from a gravitational wave in The discovery is being likened by some to the night Galileo first pointed a telescope toward the sky and observed the planets.

Just how important is this discovery to the scientific community? Let's ask Caltech Professor of Physics Alan Weinstein and Prof. Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist and Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics Department at Arizona State University. More + AUDIO
  • VIDEO: Science finally detects Einstein's gravitational waves ...LIGO detected gravitational waves, or ripples in space and time generated as the black holes spiraled in toward each other, collided, and...
  • The Loh Down On Science Physicists put some muscle into the...Because physicists have found evidence of gravity waves...Physicists think the waves were created by the rapid expansion of the universe in...
  • Scientists announce a Big-Bang breakthrough ...This image released Monday by Harvard-led researchers represents the gravitational waves in the Cosmic Microwave Background...

Pussy Riot in Los Angeles tonight! (topless video); Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Pussy Riot (T);
(Colbert Report) Stephen Colbert welcomes Russian punk activists Pussy Riot Nadya and Masha.
Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot In Conversation with Edward Goldman

Vegan Maria Alyokhina
Members of Russian feminist punk protest group Pussy Riot have risen to global visibility over the last several years.
Their provocative guerilla performances in unusual public locations center around themes of feminism and LGBT rights, primarily in opposition to the policies of Russian Pres. Putin, whom they regard as a dictator.
The Pussy Riot approach to protest and the much-publicized jailing of two members, founder Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, was recently dramatized in the hit Netflix drama “House of Cards,” with Tolokonnikova, her husband Pytor Verzilov, and Alyokhina guest starring as themselves.

Pussy Riot
(Pussy Riot) "Putin Will Teach You How to Love"/Путин научит тебя любить Родину. Свободу политзаключенным по делу 6 мая, экологу Евгению Витишко и всем политическим заключенным! Приходите в Замоскворецкий суд Москвы 24 февраля в 10:30—когда будет читаться приговор Болотного процесса.
An HBO documentary titled “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer” was released in 2013.
Alyokhina shares their story with us through a conversation with KCRW’s Edward Goldman.

Since 1988, Goldman has been the host of KCRW’s weekly art review, “Art Talk”. Both fearless and fun, Edward offers a unique accent on art. Formerly employed by the famed Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a favorite on-air presence, he offers impassioned views on what he sees in the galleries and museums and at events throughout the world, and isn’t afraid to “speak truth to power.” Supported by the George C. Perkins Fund. 

(AFP News Agency) Pussy Riot and topless activists Femen: Rebels without a cause?
AFP news agencyAFP) The women's activists and topless protesters and the punk feminists Pussy Riot have achieved fame -- or perhaps infamy -- around the world for their provocative protests. But is there more to the Ukrainian and Russian groups than mere shock tactics?

    Sex sells...or does it? Is PORN toxic?

    Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, CC Liu (eds.) Wisdom Quarterly; KPCC FM (
    *Study shows that sex and violence don't actually sell (see below for details).
    Adult film actress Jessie Lee (L) and adult actress/director Joanna Angel at the 29th annual Adult Video News Awards Show at the Hard Rock in Vegas in 2012 (Ethan Miller/Getty).
    Addiction to insurance and toilet paper is level one, addiction to a certain sport and its... Or google the actress and attach "porn" to the search...

    AUDIO: Porn's impact on modern sexuality. Is pornography toxic?

    (AirTalk) Today's in-your-face ubiquity of pornography inspired the movie "Don Jon" about a young man so addicted to porn it interferes with his relationships. Perhaps... Statistics on pornography consumption are sketchy at best, thanks to unreliable self-reporting. What we do know is the business of porn, especially on the Web, has been booming, which means many Americans must be clicking and watching. Google data from 2013 shows that monthly page views (pvs) of some of the top porn sites are big: PornHub, 2.5 billion pvs; YouPorn, 2.1 billion pvs; Tube 8, 970 million pvs; and LiveJasmin, 710 million pvs. German researchers published a recent study associating higher porn consumption with the decline of marriage in the U.S. Guests Marty Klein, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist, author Sexual Intelligence: What we really want from sex and how to get it and Elizabeth Schroeder, Ed. D., Sexuality Education expert discuss the issue with Larry Mantle. More

    (AirTalk) In Gail Dines' book, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, she warns that our society's porn addiction is on the rise.

    She takes an unflinching look at today’s porn industry: the stories woven into the images, the impact on our culture, the effects on us as men and women, the business machine that creates and markets porn, and the growing legitimacy of porn in mainstream media.
    Above all, Pornland examines the way porn shapes and limits sexual imaginations and behaviors.
    Although we are surrounded by pornographic images, many people are not aware of just how cruel and violent the industry is today. Pornland shows how today’s porn is strikingly different from yesterday’s Playboy and Penthouse magazines -- how competition in the industry and consumer desensitization have pushed porn toward hard core extremes. More
    Therapists argue California child-porn reporting law causes... ...Or is the benefit of targeting child porn worth the cost of patient privacy? ....I am also an LCSW treating sexual addiction and this law will both...  

    Virtual reality's impact on the porn industry, and the... Producers of porn are also banking that the new visual and visceral...How is VR porn content produced? Ian Paul....CLUE IN-addiction exists. 

    What if pedophilia is a genetic disorder? (AirTalk)...comes from the Center for Mental Health and Addiction in Toronto....As you have said if you watch child porn it will necessary lead you to...
    UPDATE: ICE: Hundreds arrested - including several in California...
    ...arrested -- including several in California -- in child pornography, pornographers trade such photos "to feed their sick addiction."
    Calling Don Draper, new study says that sex and violence don't actually sell
    Addiction to insurance and toilet paper is level one, addiction to a certain sport and its... Or google the actress and attach "porn" to the search...
    Mt. Baldy trails closed after 2nd death in a week
    File: An avalanche struck Snowbird Ski Resort on Mount Baldy, Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008. A skier buried several feet deep for nearly an hour in a rare avalanche inside the boundary of Snowbird resort died at a hospital from her injuries.
    New deaths recall old tragedies: Avalanche struck Snowbird Ski Resort on snow-covered Mt. Baldy on Dec. 14, 2008. A skier was buried several feet deep for nearly an hour inside the boundary of Snowbird resort died at a hospital from her injuries (Jim Urquhart/AP).
    118170 lsquare
    Skier hits tree, dies on LA's Mt. Waterman
    Local authorities have closed trails at Southern California's Mount Baldy [the tallest peak visible from Los Angeles] following the death of the second hiker in a week. San Bernardino County sheriff's officials say 47-year-old Dong Xing Liu died Saturday after he slipped and fell in the Icehouse Saddle area. Liu's wife was also injured and hospitalized in unknown condition.

    (L-R) Po (voiced by Jack Black) and his long-lost panda father Li (voiced by Bryan Cranston) pose for a portrait in DreamWorks Animation's KUNG FU PANDA 3.
    "Kung Fu Panda 2" a big hit!
    Mount Baldy Fire Chief Graham Hendrickson tells The Riverside Press-Enterprise that a dozen people had to be airlifted Saturday from the mountain, where icy and windy conditions have been common. "My understanding from talking to some of the hikers that we had contact with Saturday, the ice is so hard that crampons won't even penetrate the ice enough to hold them in place," Capt. Gordon Greene at the Mount Baldy Fire Department tells KPCC. More
    The 49th California International Antiquarian Book Fair (

    LA Sheriff confesses to felony, going to prison

    (NYDN, Feb. 10, 2016; Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
    Fat Cat Sheriff is coming to see us? That's great. We'll give him a fine rat cage welcome.
    Former LA County Sheriff, the top cop in the county, wanting to avoid a public perp walk like this, had his team of lawyers -- paid with secret corruption money or a great pension from the county -- cut him a plea deal with minimal jail time.
    Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, 73, falsely told investigators he had no idea his deputies planned to approach and threaten an FBI agent in 2011 because she was probing allegations of corruption and civil rights violations inside his former lockups, the U.S. attorney's office said.
    Felon and coward L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, 73, lied to investigators about his gangster tactics, sending deputy thugs to threaten an FBI agent in 2011 because she was probing allegations of corruption and civil rights violations inside LA jails run by the Sheriff's Dept, the U.S. attorney's office said. He preemptively cut a plea deal, confessing to a felony charge, before official indictment. How? Corruption and inside information. His former assistant Tanaka will take the fall (Nick Ut/AP).
    Ex-LA top cop Baca faces 6 months or more in prison for lying to investigators
    Nancy Dillon (New York Daily News)
    Those held in LA Jail routinely report abuse, torture, corruption by Sheriff's deputies.
    Buddha (Budai/Hotei) in jail
    Sheriff Lee Baca once ran the nation's largest urban jail system but is on the threshold of a possible six-month prison sentence Wednesday.
    [He quickly left office to try to avoid indictment and prosecution for numerous crime and years of official corruption.] In a dramatic turn for a former top cop, retired Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was due in a federal courtroom to plead guilty to a single felony charge of lying to investigators, prosecutors said.
    Baca, 73, falsely told investigators he had no idea his deputies planned to approach and threaten an FBI agent in 2011 because she was probing allegations of corruption and civil rights violations inside his former lockups, the U.S. attorney's office said. [In fact, he put them up to it, acting like a Mafia crime boss directing henchmen to terrorize witnesses.]
    The plea deal calls for a maximum of six months behind bars, but the actual sentence will be determined by a federal judge, according to court filings obtained by the Daily News.
    Beat them if they look you in the eye. That's how we keep order. Falsify reports to CYA.
    Under his [sweet] plea agreement, Baca now [confesses to the felony charge that] he secretly directed deputies to "isolate" an inmate suspected of being an FBI informant and "do everything but put handcuffs" on the FBI agent sniffing around his jails. ["Everything"? Does that include fitting for cement shoes and driving her to LA's MacArthur Park Lake?]
    As a result, two deputies approached the agent outside her home on September 26, 2011, and threatened her with arrest, prosecutors said.
    Officials said it was during a 2013 meeting with the FBI and assistant U.S. attorneys that Baca denied any participation in the 2011 meetings.
    Sardine-prison where gay rape, violence, extortion, indifference are everyday reality.
    Baca's actions were part of an "extensive scheme" to thwart a sweeping probe that so far has resulted in the convictions of eight LASD deputies with ranks as high as captain, prosecutors said.

    That hypocrite Baca finally got busted? Ha!
    Wednesday’s shock announcement came after Baca’s former top aide, Paul Tanaka, was indicted last May for obstructing the federal probe.
    A month after Tanaka’s indictment, three sheriff’s deputies were convicted of beating a handcuffed jail visitor bloody and then fabricating a report to cover up the crime. More